Tekken me back to my youth..


Well, not really “Tekken me back to my youth”, as that was long gone when I got my PSX (Playstation 1) and took part in my first “King of Iron Fist Tournament”. But it was a great game. And now I can play it on my PS Vita. Which is really growing on me. I’ve actually finished Uncharted and now I’ve discovered that a lot of PSX back catalogue is available for tiny prices. I used to love Tekken 1. I liked it so much that I actually got the game music off the game disk (in those days you could do that) and and I still have it lying around on the phone. I did the same for Ridge Racer and also Destruction Derby. In fact with these games you could even swap out the disk during gameplay and have different music accompanying your driving/fighting/crashing action.

If you fancy some nostalgic fun for not very many pennies, you can also get these games, along with the first Tomb Raider from the Playstation Store. And next week we get the Vita version of Little Big Planet, which I’m just about to pre-order.