Castle Howard


I don’t think that Castle Howard is really a castle. But it is a great place to go and see. It is a country residence on a grand scale, the kind of thing it takes several generations of “unbelievably richness” to come up with. We’ve visited it on and off over many years and once saw Bryan Ferry play live there. That was a good night, that was. It is also famous as the place where “Brideshead Revisited” was filmed. Twice.

Today we went for another visit, and I took the big camera along. We also did something we never normally did when we took the kids. We paid extra to have a look inside the house itself.


This kind of puts our hall to shame….


This is what they have instead of a garden shed.


They seem to have lots of flat screen TVs, but they are all stuck on one picture…

If you are looking for a nice day trip (around 75 minutes from Hull) I can strongly recommend it.