Learning and Teaching Conference

Some of the audience. There is another picture on Flickr, click through to find my photostream. The camera is going through a French Impressionist blurry phase at the moment (or I didn’t hold it still enough). Apologies for that.

Earlier this year I was gobsmacked to find that I had been given a “Inspiring Teacher Award” as part of the Student Led teaching awards at the university. Very nice. As a result I also got invited to do an “Oral Bite” (is there any other kind) about being inspiring at the University Annual Learning and Teaching Conference.

So on Monday I wrote five minutes worth of material and this lunchtime I got to strut my stuff. It went very well and they were a lovely audience, once I found my slide deck. There were also some great sessions on teaching, the future, and where the university is going with all this. It was really nice to meet up with a bunch of folks who teach quite different things, in different ways, but all with the focus on giving the students the best learning experience possible.

There were quite a few questions on blogging and stuff like that. Stay tuned for my post tomorrow, where I’ll be doing a blog post on how I make the publishing legend that is the Rob Miles blog…..