MVP Summit Day 2–Beer and Bicycles

Today was the time for more and more stuff. But then it was time for another in the series of World Famous MVP Summit pub crawls. Or in this case, pedal


This is the only bicycle with a bar that I’ve ever seen, let alone been on. The principles is simple enough..


It is a bicycle powered by MVPs. Powered by beer. We pedalled down the road to bar number one,


The first bar was great, although the duck shooting game was obviously broken as I was comprehensively beaten when we were playing it. /when moving on we switched to “stagger power” and went off to the next one.


The streets are very pretty round here


The second bar had a great name, amazing artwork inside (since it was for sale I’m not posting pictures)..


..and superb live music. And pizza. And beer.


And pretzels.

It was a great night. Thanks to Desiree and Sharon for setting up everything and making it such a wonderful occasion.