Secret Agent Watch Secrets at the MVP Summit

Actually there are no secrets here really. It was rather nice to go to a session and hear the presenter say “You can blog all you want about this.”. So I am doing. Chris Walker, Founder of Secret Labs had come along to tell us about the new Secret Agent watch that his company launched on Kickstarter a while back. He’d brought along some hardware samples and the latest version of the software that lets you use the accelerometer in the device via a funky new emulator. I had a play with this and one of the demos shows how to make a big font watch face.

The code is very simple, each of the letters is a gif image that is just drawn on the watch screen.


If you fancy having a play with this you can download the software from the Agent Watches web site.Above you can see the emulator.The hardware looks very nice. Two processors, one a low power device, ground breaking power monitoring and new display technology. Great stuff.


This is the watch.


This is the hardware inside, with the display.

Chris was telling us that there have been some delays on the hardware (this is nothing particularly surprising when you are making stuff) but that it should be available after Christmas.