Tom Talks Rather Useful Security

Tom keeps his nerve….

We had a student powered Rather Useful Seminar today. Tom Forbes is one of our third year students and he has a side-line in computer security. So a while back he offered to give a Rather Useful Seminar about his experiences making the web a more secure place. In fact he wanted to go beyond just talking, and actually set up a web site, just for the hacking of. So he did.


Tempting products, but woefully insecure.

We were actually able to connect to the site and do some injection and scripting attacks there and then. Great fun. You can find out more about the presentation on Tom’s blog, here.

I made the point that if any other students think they might have a seminar in them, we are always looking for volunteers. It is great practice. If you reckon you have a story to tell, get in touch and we can set something up.