How Woody Allen can improve your 3D printing


It’s actually quite easy. I’ve noticed that there are some irregularities in the output from the 3D printer. The output is actually pretty good now, but I’m getting some horizontal banding along the sides of objects.

Someone on the interwebs suggested that the banding is due to vibration of the base panel of the printer. This supports the print platform and if it is wobbling up and down this could cause some of the problems. So I put my copy of the Woody Allen book “Dread and Superficiality” on the base, along with a retro camera book I got last Christmas, and the vibrating seems to have been damped down a bit. I think I’ll make a proper damper out of some old floor tiles, and take a look at the fan that is causing most of the vibration.

I did some printing and things seem to have improved a bit, which is nice. I’ll know more when I’ve printed some straight sided objects. At the moment I’m mostly printing Tiny Owls for some reason….