3D Print Show London

A rather nice venue

So today it was up bright and early and onto the train for a trip to the London 3D Print Show. I went last year and I enjoyed it so much I’ve gone back this year. There was a bigger venue and more stuff going on. Same mix of presentations, stands and exhibitions, but generally just more of it. The business is definitely maturing. The general thrust of things is towards are more “appliance” type devices which folks could just get hold and use to print things. There was also a stunning display of how 3D printing is being used in medicine, from printing tissue and prosthetics to making 3D mock-ups of the patient for the surgeon to practise on.

Ultimaker were there with the new Ultimaker 2 and a wall of Ultimaker 1 machines. There were lots of other brands there I’d not seen before.


This printer was turning out pottery, which was very impressive.


They even had people selling parts. That heated bed looked very tempting….


There were 3D printed moustaches up for grabs.


This stuff looks amazing. PLA fibre with wood particles in it.Makes prints that look like tiny carvings. I got a little sample of the stuff which will be very interesting to play with.

On the way out I went past the shop and bought a bunch of Faberdashery colours that look really nice. I’m going to have a go at printing with them tomorrow. But I might have a bit of a lie-in first.