Building a Door of Mystery


After a considerable amount of tweakage of designs and waiting for the printer to finish I now have my “Door of Mystery” machine complete. This is how it looks inside. I’ve added a WiFi card so that the door can upload pictures after they have been taken.

After all my careful planning the box needed a bit of surgery because I’d forgotten that power connector protrudes from the front of the board, but apart from that (and having to go and get some more bolts) it is now pretty much complete.


This is the finished device. I’m going to have to slightly adjust the hole for the RFID reader in the next version, but it is quite pleasingly solid and works a treat.

You buy an RFID tag to enter the competition, show it to the “Door of Mystery” above and it will give you your entry number and take your picture. Then, I can use my special “Pick a Winner” tag to pick a random entry and even view their picture. We might even use this for bashes, where we might want to give out random prizes, pick team members or let people take it in turns to use some of the games.