Addicted to 3D Printing


You know you are an experienced 3D printer when:

  • Strangely shaped bits of coloured plastic from failed print jobs are no longer fascinating to you.
  • Your bedroom carpet is covered in strangely shaped bits of coloured plastic.
  • You can get hold of strands of plastic at 200 degrees centigrade and think "Ooops" rather than dancing round the room holding your hand and swearing.
  • Your hands acquire some funny looking scars and blisters as a result of this.
  • You start to make up tunes inspired by the noises your printer makes when it is working.
  • Whenever something works you instantly try to print out a bigger one. Or a smaller one. Or a red one.
  • You start to like the smell of molten plastic.
  • You feel that you are at the cutting edge of technology, even when your wife asks "What's that meant to be?"
  • You think a little plastic bust of yourself would make an ideal wedding present for someone.
  • You begin to plan your social life around eight hour print jobs.
  • You don't know what PLA stands for, but you know exactly the temperature it melts in your machine. In five different colours.
  • The word "plug" becomes a swear word.
  • People start giving you designs they’d like to have printed out.
  • You start to wonder if there might be a business model in this…..