Gadget Show Live 2013


Went off the the Gadget Show Live today. This is our final trip out of the holidays, and has been much anticipated. We last went in 2010 (scared to find that this was actually three years ago). This time we actually made it to the live show, which was great, family friendly, fun. Including audience controlled video gaming, as shown above. There were lots of things on show (although there were fewer 3D TVs on display this time – funny that…) Anyhoo, I took pictures of the bits and bobs that took my fancy.


These robots are great. Just don’t ask the price.


These are a bit smaller and simpler, but no less interesting. They move around as a swarm. I’m very tempted to write some XNA that does what they do in software, although the hardware ones are a lot more fun.


There were lots of 3D printers around the place. This one looks nice enough, but I prefer Una.


What a pity none of these phone cases will fit my Lumia….


This is a “4K” resolution TV, although I’m not sure the photo does it justice. You can’t quite see the price tag, which was 25,000 pounds…. For that money you could probably buy a house with that view.