Secret Agent Watch SDK now out

Secret Agent Watch

Well, the Kickstarter for the Secret Agent watch has now ended. They’ve finished up with over a million in backing. Good for them. I got my order in early, so in December I might realise another of my dreams, and have a watch I can actually program in C# and make talk to my phone.

I got quite close five years ago, when I got hold of a Microsoft Spot watch. That ran the .NET Microframework and could run C# programs, just not ones that I could write.

The Secret Agent Watch is different. The team have already released an SDK which you can download for free from their web site. This comes with an emulator so that we can begin making our programs now. With a Bluetooth link to a Windows Phone, the possibilities are very exciting.

Note: If you do download the SDK and install it you might find that the first time you try to create a new project in Visual Studio 2012 it hangs. I found that stopping Visual Studio, restarting it, opening an existing project and then making a new one sorted things out.

Now I’m really looking forward to December.