Making Plans with Trello

We're in the middle of planning an ambitious holiday, along with a whole bunch of domestic renovations. The idea is to get all the heavy lifting done while we are away, so we can just stroll back into a shiny new bedroom and other bits and bobs.

At least, that's the plan.

I've been using Trello to help manage all the ins and outs. It's free and wonderful. You create a Board (which equates to a task - for example Holiday or Bedroom) and then add Cards to the board. Cards can have content (lists, notes, attachments and links) and you can move cards around the board into different categories, for example "To Do" or "Done". Boards can be shared amongst fellow Trello users (love that phrase - wish I could work mellow or yellow into it too) and the system keeps track of who said or did what. 

There are Trello applications for most devices, but I reckon the Web client is pretty much the best way to use it. Everything syncs up in real time - although this can be embarrassing when you are stood in the pet shop with zero signal trying to get the card that tells you what kind of guinea pig food to buy. 

I really think that Trello is now my go-to place for this kind of thing. Outlook tasks are OK, but not very granular and tricky to share. Trello just seems to work. 

Update: Having spent some time making plans at home before heading to work I find that I've forgotten to put my watch on......