Captain America Civil War - worth the trip

We nearly didn't go and see "Captain America Civil War", but I'm rather glad we did. Even though you know that the plot is the cinematic equivalent of an irresistible force meeting an immovable object, it is still worth your time. The story is good, just about everyone plays their part well (although I do worry about the non-super members of the team whenever they go into battle) and there are some great one-liners.

Ant Man and Spiderman turn up and add to the mix and everything is set up nicely for the next movie(s) in the franchise. Which I think is probably what this film was really all about. 

I genuinely marvel (no pun intended) at the way they can turn these movies out on a regular basis. In the olden days (i.e. seventies Superman) we'd have a superhero film every couple of years, each of which had a few little fight sequences leading up to a grand finale. Nowadays a film with open with a huge set piece, and then has two or three more leading up to a really big one at the end. Computer graphics help a lot, but when you consider that all the fight sequences had to be choreographed, shot and then integrated into a whole, it's hard not to be impressed. 

Worth a trip I reckon.