We should stay in Europe

I'm going to post some of my favourite European pictures over the next few weeks

I'm going to post some of my favourite European pictures over the next few weeks

Now, I'm not a particularly political sort. My line on politics is that no matter who you vote for, the government always gets in. But every now and then I feel that I have to say something. Not that I think what I say matters particularly; it's just that I feel better having said it. 

There's a lot of kerfuffle going on about Europe at the moment. Should we stay? Should we leave? I'm strongly in favour of staying in. Very strongly. I think that leaving would be a very bad plan. There's a saying that goes "Prediction is very hard, especially about the future", so I'm not really basing my opinion on any particular "facts" going forward. It's just that I like being in Europe. I like going to abroad and feeling part of the place. I like the idea that we have some common purpose across the continent. I like the way that people come into this country and pick up bits of our culture, and bring us some of theirs. I even enjoyed the Eurovision song contest this time round (but mainly because it was very, very well done).  

Leaving Europe just seems such a cold, pointless thing to do. Are we so uncertain of our national identity that we have to prove we can go it alone? I have this image in my mind of a bunch of wagons in a circle with bears and wolves roaming around outside, and the idea that one wagon would suddenly up sticks and head out into the wilderness on its own seems unnecessary and dangerous.

So I think we shouldn't do that. 

One thing I am keen on though, is making sure that everyone has their say in this. It really is a rather important decision. If you haven't registered to vote (and you should, which ever way you feel about it) then register here