Wheely Nice Elastic Bands

Some people are seekers of the truth, others are on a quest for the meaning of life. Me, my focus has been a bit more down to earth. I want something that I can use for tyres (or tires) for the wheels on the Hull Pixelbot. And, at last, I may have found them.

I've been using skinny elastic bands for a while, but they tend to fall off the wheel really easily. Experiments with hot glue to hold the bands in place were not on the whole successful, in that I managed to stick pretty much everything to everything - fingers to desk, fingers to each other, fingers to wheel, fingers to elastic band etc etc, without actually achieving the holy grail of sticking elastic band to wheel.

My latest purchase, 50mm x 12mm elastic beauties from ebay, that stalwart Hull Pixelbot supplier, show promise though. If they are as hard to get off as they are to get on the wheel, I might actually be on to something here.