Secret Science of Superheroes: In the shops now, on the stage on Saturday

Secret Science of Superheroes.PNG

Last October me and a bunch of like minded souls sat down and wrote a book together. We all did one chapter each. The title of the book is "The Secret Science of Superheroes". I did chapter 12 as it turned out. All about computers, AI, and whether or not you should be afraid of your toaster. My chapter was great fun to write and, after Mark and Andy had finished knocking it into shape, great fun to read. You really should read it, and all the other chapters to. You can take a proper look (and even buy it) here.

On Saturday myself and the a bunch of the other writers will be standing up at a Science Festival in Kensington and telling everyone about what we have wrote. If you're in London, it would be great to see you. You can find out more about the event here