Shortlisted Superhero Science

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Well, this is rather exciting. The Secret Science of Superheroes book (which I wrote a chapter of) has been chosen by @PhysicsWorld as one of their 10 books of the Year. And it keeps getting good reviews too. It's not too late to get a copy in time for Christmas. The perfect gift. Buy it for someone you love. Perhaps even yourself.... Find out more here. Buy it from Amazon here

Science Superheroes on the Stage

Today was the day that we all headed for London to do our talks for the Secret Science of Superheroes (in the shops now). We all wrote the book last year at a book sprint in Manchester. We wrote a chapter each. And today chapter writers had five minutes to tell the assembled multitude what they had written. I was on last, which was probably for the best...

Anyhoo, a great time was had, lovely audience. Before the talk we got to spend some time in the Lord Mayor's Chambers in South Kensington, which was most impressive. Then after our talk we had a splendid meal at the Elephant and Castle and then staggered back to the hotel and collapsed for the night. 

I think we'll find some culture tomorrow. 

Secret Science of Superheroes: In the shops now, on the stage on Saturday

Secret Science of Superheroes.PNG

Last October me and a bunch of like minded souls sat down and wrote a book together. We all did one chapter each. The title of the book is "The Secret Science of Superheroes". I did chapter 12 as it turned out. All about computers, AI, and whether or not you should be afraid of your toaster. My chapter was great fun to write and, after Mark and Andy had finished knocking it into shape, great fun to read. You really should read it, and all the other chapters to. You can take a proper look (and even buy it) here.

On Saturday myself and the a bunch of the other writers will be standing up at a Science Festival in Kensington and telling everyone about what we have wrote. If you're in London, it would be great to see you. You can find out more about the event here

Superhero Science at Salford - Day 2

Click through the image for the full panorama

Click through the image for the full panorama

Day 2 was when we had to deliver all our words. I managed to get up to exactly 5,000 (including my name though). Just about everyone else hit their targets too, so we really have written a book in a weekend. Now the hard work begins, with the editing and whatnot. 

But I'm not going to be doing that bit. 

Thanks to Mark for organising the event and the Royal Society of Chemistry for providing such sterling support. And thanks to all my fellow authors for being such splendid company. 

You see the event as it was tweeted here

And Mark, if you ever want another quick fire text, I'll be there..

Superhero Science at Salford - Day 1

..this is where the trams were hiding...

..this is where the trams were hiding...

What better way to spend a weekend than to try and write 5,000 words about superhero science?

At least, that's what I think. 

So it was up at 6:00 am to catch the early train to Manchester and the Salford Science Jam. I was slightly surprised to find that the trams had been switched off to celebrate my arrival, but thanks to the power of the replacement bus I was only a few minutes late arriving at the Salford campus at Media City Manchester. 

Media City is really nice. And the weather was really kind. The program that sold me my tickets sent me a nice email the night before departure advising me to take an umbrella. I'd already packed one (after all, it is Manchester) but all I saw was sunshine and nice skies.

Of course, once I got set up I spent most of my time staring at a word processor screen. Mark Lorch, the twisted genius (I don't think he'll mind me calling him that) behind the whole thing gave us our marching orders and turned us loose. 

There was a spread of expertise in the room, from people pondering on the science of invisibility, to superhero breakfasts, how to make shield like Captain America has, what happens when you turn into a Hulk and why his trousers don't fall off. Me, I was writing about rogue AI and world domination. As you do. You can keep up with our antics here

We wrote until we ran out of words for the day and then headed for tea. Then I went up to the hotel room and wrote some more. 

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm having a splendid time.