Three Thing Game Fun


These are the winners of Three Thing Game November 2017. If you study the picture carefully you'll notice that not one of the people in the picture is me. Oh well.

But quite a few of these folks are First Year students from Hull, which bodes very well for the future of Three Thing Game (and game development in general). They made a lovely sequence of mini-games that chronicled important milestones in the development of Hull. It looked fun to play and had some splendid graphical touches. 

As always, I really enjoyed taking part. My team, as frequently happens,  was probably a bit more ambitious than we should have been, trying to create a networked multi-player game in around six hours. However, we got darned close.

The three things we were asked to base the game around were "Hull", "Culture" and "Change". Our game used the medium of Venn Diagrams (which were invented by John Venn, a mathematician from Hull) to explore Hull Culture. I'm most proud of the moment when the judges asked "Where's the change in your game?" and I replied "It costs fifteen pence to play". 

After that, the discovery that we hadn't won was a real surprise.....