We don't usually have fireworks on November the fifth. But this year we did. In the old days we used to buy a box of "Standard" fireworks that contained one dud (which varied from year to year) and a taper thing to light the fireworks that you couldn't actually get lit yourself. The family would spend forty five minutes standing in the garden freezing to death while I tried to light the blue touch paper on a succession of cardboard tubes that I'd stuck in the lawn. Sometimes it would rain.

All the fireworks had different names like "Golden fountain", or "Emerald Shower" but when one eventually lit we'd just just get a shower of sparks followed by nothing. Things were slightly enlivened if the Catherine wheel set fire to fence. And we'd force the kids to hold sparklers which would also fail to light.


Anyhoo, today we didn't do any of that. Instead we bought three little boxes that each contained a bunch of fireworks that were wired together using some cunning fuse technology. We just lit one corner which fizzed merrily and then the box generated a ten second display of quite impressive proportions. I even managed to get some pictures. 

The whole thing was over in about ten minutes and we retired to the warm indoors and had hotdogs.