World's Smallest Arduino compatible board at c4di Hardware Group


Did you know that the worlds smallest Arduino compatible device is made in Hull? I didn't until Hayden turned up with one at the hardware group at c4di tonight. He's designed and built a lovely little device. I've played with tiny Arduinos before. They are usually a bit hard to connect to a computer because they lack a proper usb connection and are a bit under-powered when you get them going. 

The device that Hayden has made gives you serious computing power in a device you can hang off any micro-usb cable and program using the standard Arduino SDK. It puts a 48 Mhz  device with 256K of ROM and 32K of RAM onto your fingernail. You can find out more (and buy one for yourself) here. We had it flashing a led, which is probably not really the best use of its power, but it is a start....

It was a great meetup. We had some new folks turn up keen to learn, and some who had brought things to talk about. You can sign up for the next one on Thursday 7th December (and you should) here.