Hull Pixelbot 2.0: The future is clear....


I've spent today working on the 3d printed parts for the latest version of the Hull Pixelbot. I'm now using laser cut perspex for the larger parts, which makes the robot look great and should mean that I can start to make kits of parts available for anybody who wants a Hull Pixelbot of their own....

I was hoping that I could just use all the existing 3d printed parts for the rest of the robot, but it hasn't turned out quite like that. I've changed some sizes, and I've now added a speaker underneath the pixel so that the robots can make some noise. 


I've found some tiny speaker units which an Arduino can drive directly. It's not what you'd call HiFi, but it works.  They fit inside the pixel ring on top of the robot, which means that I've not had to increase the size of the robot to add sound. I've also got a mini-breadboard on the front of the robot to make it easier to add your own circuits. 

The design files for the laser cut parts, along with the customised 3d printed elements, will be going on GitHub soon.