Printed C# Yellow Book is coming

Proof copy - Not For Resale

Proof copy - Not For Resale

It’s finally going to happen. The C# Yellow Book is going to become….. a book.

I wrote the book for my C# programming course at Hull University and we used to give it to all new students (and anyone who came to see us).

And soon you’ll be able to buy your own copy thanks to the miracle that is Amazon printing on demand. I received a proof copy this afternoon and I’m surprised how good it looks. It now sports a snazzy cover and I’m having it printed in letter size (8 inches by 11 inches) to make the 220 pages easy to read.

It will be going on sale just as soon as I’ve fixed a few formatting foibles and run it through the Amazon approvals process.

In the UK it will cost nine pounds a copy. I was thinking of making signed copies available for fifty pence less but I’m not sure how to do this.