Printed C# Yellow Book now available with added duck

It’s finally here! Just in time for Christmas. If someone in your family has been asking all year for a yellow book about the C# programming language then I have good news. The C# Yellow Book is now available from Amazon in full 3D form, with pages and everything. And the cover has a specially taken duck photograph.

And you could also buy one for every room in your house. Especially if you have a really big house. That way you’d never be more than a few feet from a duck. Which has got to be a good thing.

Always Check the Cover


The C# Yellow Book is now very nearly on sale in printed form. I got a proper copy back from Amazon and, as soon I as held it in my hand and flipped through the pages I realised two things:

  • The cover does not have a duck on it.

  • There are two massive typos in the cover text.

The first one I can sort out, what with having a camera and a huge rubber duck. I’ve no idea what possessed me to go with the Amazon cover clip-art and the rather anonymous circuit motif. The Yellow Book (particularly the Kindle edition) is known as “The Book with a Duck on the Cover” and so I should probably have gone with the branding on this….

As for the typos in the cover text. Unforgivable. But it did remind me of something. I spent ages on the text inside the book, making sure that it was formatted correctly and had a minimum number of spelling mistakes. The cover I dashed out in five minutes inside the Amazon cover creator, not even using a spell checker. And which do you think is more important? The cover is going to be the first part of the book that people see. They’ll read the cover and then have a look inside to see if they fancy buying it. And if the cover has spelling mistakes on it, this is really, really, not going to help sales. So the cover should have be paid least as much attention as the text inside the book.

There’s an important point here. If you make video games or software, make sure that the instructions that come with the product, and the cover art, are really, really good. Think what is the first surface of your product that a user will touch, and then make sure it is a really good experience. Make sure that the box looks nice and is easy to open and it is easy to see how to use what is inside. Apple are very good at this, and you should try to be too.

As for me, the final version of the printed C# Yellow Book is now going through Amazons approvals process with all the typos fixed. And a duck on the cover.

Printed C# Yellow Book is coming

Proof copy - Not For Resale

Proof copy - Not For Resale

It’s finally going to happen. The C# Yellow Book is going to become….. a book.

I wrote the book for my C# programming course at Hull University and we used to give it to all new students (and anyone who came to see us).

And soon you’ll be able to buy your own copy thanks to the miracle that is Amazon printing on demand. I received a proof copy this afternoon and I’m surprised how good it looks. It now sports a snazzy cover and I’m having it printed in letter size (8 inches by 11 inches) to make the 220 pages easy to read.

It will be going on sale just as soon as I’ve fixed a few formatting foibles and run it through the Amazon approvals process.

In the UK it will cost nine pounds a copy. I was thinking of making signed copies available for fifty pence less but I’m not sure how to do this.

C# Yellow Book 2016 "Cheese Edition" Now Available

The latest release (or is that escape) of the C# Yellow Book is now available for download. No massive changes to the text, but a few tweaks and corrections here and there. And cheese. 

You can download it (along with sample code and whatnot) from here.

The Kindle version will be updated soon. I'm just grappling with adding an index. (why does making Kindle books have to be so hard?)


And, while we are on the subject of books what I wrote, you can now buy printed (or Kindle) copies of my lovely new "Begin to Code with C#", which was published a few weeks ago.

It's a great introduction to programming (said the author) and gets you creating useful and fun applications and games using my magical Snaps framework. 

C# Yellow Book 2015 Bananas Edition Available

The latest edition of the C# Yellow Book is now available. This is the one that we will be using in our First Year Programming course at Hull.

There have not been a huge number of changes to the text, but after a number of requests I've added around 60 working code samples which are keyed to the text. You can use these to explore the programming concepts as you read the text.

You can download the text and the examples from here.