Talking Hull Pixelbots at the new Hull Makerspace

I stole this picture from  Hull Makerspace . Thanks for that. 

I stole this picture from Hull Makerspace. Thanks for that. 

Today I got my first look at the new Hull Makerspace. 

It's splendid. It's a huge room full of potential; connected to a bunch of other rooms also full of potential. The stuff they are installing is fantastic, including pottery kilns, a CNC machine shop, a paint booth, wood working, sewing and of course frickin' lasers (not mounted on sharks, that would be silly, but for cutting things with). 

I'd been invited to give a presentation at a Code Club meetup. Code Club is an an organisation that does just what it says on the tin. It sets up code clubs, usually as an after school activity, where kids learn the basics of coding. They're getting going in Hull, but they could always use more help - contact them here for more

We also had a talk from Matthew about his efforts putting a Raspberry Pi in the sky, Becky on why we should all be taking part in Code Club and Jon, giving details of the next Raspberry Pi Jam in Hull. 

When it was my turn I showed off the new Hull Pixelbot in perspex,talked a bit about HullOS and we had some fun making robots move via Azure IoT Hub and MQTT. Such fun.

Thanks for the invite folks, I look forward to seeing a lot more of the makerspace in Hull.