Slack is not your friend

I use Slack quite a lot on various projects. I quite like it (even though I have real difficultly understanding how a such a simple program can take around half a gigabyte of memory to run). However, one thing that really irritates me is the way that every now and then it pops up a trite aphorism (something like “Don’t forget to breathe”) with the byline “Your friends at Slack”.

Every time I see this I think two things. I wonder just how much of my precious memory is being used to generate these messages and I reflect that I’ve never met anyone from Slack and I have no way of knowing if they are my friends or not.

Oh, and the other thing about Slack that irritates me is that it seems to be impossible to kill. I’ve had screencasts interrupted by Slack pop-ups even when I’ve disabled them and even quit the Slack application. It seems to me that the only way you can get a Slack free life is to stop it from running when your machine boots.