Reviving a Dragino LoRa Gateway


I’m a sucker for “upgrades”. Maybe it’s because I like watching progress bars. I find them rather relaxing, and a great way to avoid doing work.

But upgrades are not always your friend. Take my little LoRa gateway for example. It’s not a “proper” gateway, in that it only has a single channel, but it is fine for testing devices (as long as you are happy for only one in eight packets to get through).

Anyhoo, a while back it broke. So today I tried to fix it. It turns out that I’d actually broken it by upgrading it. The first time it failed I’d done what I thought was a sensible thing and upgraded the firmware, thinking that this might fix it.

Actually, it broke it even more.

Turns out that if you upgrade the gateway to version 1.4 this breaks all the stored settings. There’s a useful description of the problem and how to solve it here.


Now I’m back on the map, which is rather nice.