The Oculus Quest is the future of VR

oculus quest.PNG

I’ve played with Virtual Reality enough to know that it is the future. I was never sure about 3D TV, but I think that the experience you get from a good VR system is something that everyone will want. The problem has been that until now a good system has involved external lighthouses for tracking, trailing wires and a hefty PC.

The Oculus Quest changes that. It gives a good experience that you can get just by putting on the headset and picking up the controllers. There’s a simple room calibration that you need to perform and then it will transport you into a whole bunch of engaging virtual experiences.

Number one son turned up with his device yesterday and after around 10 minutes playing with it I decided to get one too. It really is that good. The graphics are not as detailed as those from my HTC Vive system, but it is just so much easier to put the headset on and get started. And the lower resolution images still manage to conjure up a very real environment.

The controller and headset tracking is first rate and the device manages the boundaries of your virtual environment very well. We only seemed to have problems with bright sunlight from one side of the room upsetting tracking every now and then, but not enough to get in the way of a good time.

If you’ve not played with VR before this is a great way to get started.