Awesome Overhang fun

20190711_074824003_iOS (2).jpg

So I’m printing some camera clips on Una, my Ultimaker (seven years old this year). I forgot to ask for support for the print. I needed support because the top half of the clip just sticks out into the air. If I’d asked for support the gap on the left of the picture above would have been filled with removable printed bits that support the “ledge” that is being printed.

However, when the print finished I was impressed that even with the lack of support I’d got something that is probably usable. You can see the dangling loops of filament at the bottom of the ledge but after a few layers they had bunched together enough to get enough material to complete the print.

I’m not proud of my inability to specify support when a print needs it, but I’m very proud of the way that Una coped without it.