iPod Classic Blast from the Past


I got out my old iPod Classic today. It still works, and it is still only half full.

And it is the only way that I can listen to some of my music. For example, take the album “Futurenow” from Go West. Good stuff. I bought it ages ago.

Unfortunately I didn’t actually “buy” it though. I got it from Apple iTunes, loaded a copy onto my iPod and got on with my life.

And then, for some reason, the licencing arrangements seem to have changed. Although Apple Music thinks I’ve got the album it presently only provides access to two tracks. Very annoying.

I can probably do a music match thing to add the missing music to my collection, but to do that I need to have the original files. And they are presently on my iPod and nowhere else. Very annoying. I’ve been looking at sneaky software that can pull the music files off an iPod, but so far I’ve not found anything that is guaranteed to work. Oh well.