Stupid Train Tickets


Every now and then I do something that I (but probably nobody else) think is rather clever. Like using both cores of an ESP32 so that a display keeps running when the WiFi is used to updated it.

And every now and then I do something that everybody thinks is rather stupid. Like last week. A while back I subscribed to an alert to tell me about the release of cheap train tickets. I wanted to get a day trip to London which would cost less than a flight abroad.

So today when I woke up and checked my phone I was pleased to see an alert that I could order some tickets at a massive discount. Mindful of the fact that lots of other people had received this message and there would only be a few seats as these prices I booked my trip and paid for it in double quick time. Clever me.

However, any feeling of smugness evaporated when I discovered that rather than buying day returns from Hull to London I had in fact booked day returns from London to Hull. Idiot me. I put my mistake down to the early hour and undue haste. The tickets are non refundable, and must be used with an, ahem, senior railcard, However, if you are old, live in London and have a desire to spend a day in Hull then it is just possible that I could sort you out.