The Nightfly

Went shopping today. Major find. Around 20 years ago I bought about the best record ever, "The Nightfly" by Donald Fagan (he of Steely Dan fame). With it being a long time ago the record was a 12 inch vinyl thingy which is now up in the loft (along with the turntable that used to play it). I never got around to buying the CD version. Shame on me. Today I didn't buy the CD version again. Instead I bought a DVD type version which has the original album plus Dolby and DTS remixes. Wonderful. There are one or two classic albums which have been given this treatment and believe me, it is wonderful.

If you've never heard of Donald Fagan (or Steely Dan) I envy you. Because you've got the stuff to look forward to. Get to hear some if you can. Just good stuff with clever lyrics.