Last Blog of the Day

I'm determined to keep my blogging record up to one per day (at least). I've been invigilating today. Two hours sat watching students suffer in an exam. You might find this surprising, but it is quite stressful for the examiner as well. It was all I could do to stop myself from shouting "Right! Now Lets Go Crazy!" when the exam finished. Perhaps I'll do that just before I retire.

The exams were Indian history and Advertising (not the same paper - but it sounds like fun). Everyone seemed to write loads of stuff. Now some lucky lecturer has 100 or so papers to mark. My big exams (i.e. the ones for my modules) start next week. At the moment I'm marking the practical stuff. I'm writing a little program for the Tablet PC which will let me pull out student listings and scribble on them. It then builds a web site for each student with the annotated programs and marks and stuff. Taken me a day and a half so far and it is looking quite good. I'll post the binary when I've got it to beta.

Just had an MSN message from Simon. He is one of my final year project students for next year (I'm just finishing marking last years reports and now we are planning the next ones). I'm hoping for great things, Simon was one of the Imagine Cup UK finalists from Hull. We are trying to hatch a little plan which involves Smartphones. Will be nice if we can get it to work.

And now I'm going to bed. From the land of blog to the land of nod (sorry - but it is a bit late..)