Vital Spoke Blogging Tip

Now, here's a tip for all Spoke bloggers out there. Just before you press the post button on your wonderful words of wisdom, higlight all the text in the window (use CTRL+A to do this) and copy it into the paste buffer (use CTL+C to do this). Then when your wonderful ISP drops the ball and the post doesn't get through, you can simply paste it into the window again without having to retype it all. (use CTRL+V for this).

Actually, there are cut and paste icons on the toolbar at the top, but I'm so old that I can remember the control sequences.

I've just lost a rather long and exciting post that I know I'm too tired to repeat just at the moment, but this tip is more than compensation. It was particularly annoying because I thought "Oh, I wonder if I've time to copy that.." just as the "Page not found" message popped up.

Ho hum. And now CTRL+A and CTRL+C just before I hit post....