And This Wire Goes Where?

Went out home entertainment shopping with Dad today. If there's one thing I like more than spending my money it is spending other peoples'. Dad is buying a big plasma telly and so we reckoned he should get a new DVD player sound thingy to go with it. I think they caught as at a weak moment because they also persuaded us to buy a special video cable to deliver the super quality video signal to the big screen, which cost an amount I'm kind of embarrased to relate. They must have a big, high security, vault they keep them in. I can imagine scenes as new forms of heist are planned:

Fingers: "Now, you and Nobby distract the guard whilst I go in for the SCARTs"
Nobby: "Are you gonna get the Amstrad composite ones too Boss?"
Fingers: "Have you learnt nothing...."

Then we went back to his place to wire it up. In the bad old days you got a big thick manual with ten pages of english and then the rest in every language known to man, plus a few I'm sure they made up when they were bored. Nowadays though things are much more flash. Everything was immaculatly presented, with a big thick book all in our mother tongue. We spent an hour or so assembling speakers and pushing wires into holes and then we let it fly. Nice sound. Good thing his place is detached. And if it wasn't, with this thing it probably soon would be....