Abseil in London

Today was the day for number one's daughter to dangle from a rope in a good cause (actually the day was a few weeks back, but it was cancelled due to inclement weather). I was actually quite pleased when it was put off, it gave us another excuse for a trip to London.

Today the weather seemed anxious to pay us back for last time, it was the best we've had in ages. After the early morning mist the day was an absolute belter. We had a walk round Oxford Street before the off.


I liked these reflections.

Then it was time to go up to Guy's Hospital and the main event. The building looked even higher than last time we were there, but daughter gamely went off to do the deed.


Well, would you abseil down this?

This time there were no hitches, and they even had a height immune cameraman at the top to record things properly.


View from the top

If you want to sponsor number one daughter retrospectively, (and after seeing this picture you must think she has earned it) then visit here.