Spring Three Thing Game Gets Going

Spring Three Thing Game got going today with the "Handing Out of the Things". We did something rather tricsky this year, which was to give teams exactly the things that they asked for. One team, feeling rather smug about having added the word "moist" to the list of things, was then rather surprised to find it included in their things. Such fun. We took some pictures of the lucky teams and their things.

It's a slightly more select gathering this time, with only around sixty or so students taking part (we think this is due to the coursework due in around this time of year) but it is going to be fun, as usual.

Spring 2016 Three Thing Game Registration

Name of your team
First team member
Second team member
Third team member
Fourth team member
Fifth team member
Thing you might like to have for your team

Welcome to the registration page for Three Thing Game. The sequence goes like this:

  1. Register here. Put in your team members and, most importantly, a working email address for your team contact person/captain/benevolent dictator. A team can have up to five members, or just one.
  2. Get a confirmation email. Cheer.
  3. Bring your team (along with your registration fees - 2 pounds per team member to cover some of our costs) to the Lecture Theatre 2 in the Wilberforce Building at 2:15 pm on Monday 11th of April to get your registration details and get your things. Remember, no fees - no things.
  4. Spend the week finding out about games and code and stuff.
  5. Come along on Friday 15th of April, write games and smile. And eat pizza.
  6. Judging on Saturday, look at all the other games, maybe win a prize.

Registration is open to students of The University of Hull. Registration closes on Friday 8th of April. 

I'll be sending more detailed registration stuff through closer to the date. If your team membership changes (it can happen) let me know and I'll update your team details. Send your emails to registration@threethinggame.com

Three Thing Game Thing Registration

Click through to the large version on Flickr so you can find yourself....

Click through to the large version on Flickr so you can find yourself....

We've just had the Thing Distribution for Three Thing Game. Awesome. And all but three teams turned up to register, which was great. And I have a big bag of money from your registration fees. Nice.

I've allowed teams to "trade their things", so when you have finished trading I'd be grateful if you could let me know what you ended up with. Fill in the form with your team number and name and I'll add the details to the spreadsheet. If you've got any other changes to your team please let me know via email.

Three Thing Game November 2015 Registration

Welcome to the registration page for Three Thing Game. The sequence goes like this:

  1. Register here. Put in your team members and, most importantly, a working email address for your team contact person/captain/benevolent dictator. A team can have up to five members, or just one.
  2. Get a confirmation email. Cheer.
  3. Bring your team (along with your registration fees - 2 pounds per team member to cover some of our costs) to the Large Lecture Theatre in Applied Science 3 at 2:15 pm on Monday 9th of November to get your registration details and get your things. Remember, no fees - no things.
  4. Spend the week finding out about games and code and stuff.
  5. Come along on Friday 13th of November, write games and smile. And eat pizza.
  6. Judging on Saturday, look at all the other games, maybe win a prize.

Registration is open to students of The University of Hull.

I'll be sending more detailed registration stuff through closer to the date. If your team membership changes (it can happen) let me know and I'll update your team details. Send your emails to registration@threethinggame.com


We now have 50 teams signed up and so we have had to close registrations a few hours early. If you didn't manage to sign up in time remember that there will be another Three Thing Game next year.

Three Thing Game November 2015

The next Three Thing Game will be on 13th-14th November (another Friday 13, what are the chances?).

The event is open to all, especially first year students. Don't worry if you've never written a game before, we'll be giving you a game framework to work withand running some special sessions in the week before the overnight development session.

Microsoft are coming along to take part in the fun and games.  There'll be pizza, and pop, and all the usual shenanigans, plus any new ones that we can come up with.

Teams of up to five people can take part. We'll be picking our things on Monday 9th of November (2:15 pm Large Lecture Theatre in the Applied Science Building) and doing an overnight development Friday 13th-Saturday 14th of November.

Registration will be opening on Friday 30th October at 9:00am sharp on this site. Spaces might be limited (i.e. when we fill up the Fenner Computer Suite we will have to try and work out where else we can put folks). Please don't crash the web site. Registration will close on Friday 6th November.

Windows 10 Three Thing Game Final Report

Hardy Survivors

Hardy Survivors

We reached the end stops today. By the finish we had 12 teams taking their games through to the finals. Two teams of judges went round and judged six entries each. Then we took each judges top three and brought them together to make the top six finalists. And then we settled down in Lecture Theatre D to look at the game videos the teams had prepared.

Team Spooky Elephant

Team Spooky Elephant

First up was team "Spooky Elephant" who's take on "Abel Pots Sink" had Cain pushing a water filled sink  to catch crockery hurled by a vengeful Abel. Motion captured graphics and sloshing water effects made for madcap gameplay accompanied by a Benny Hill soundtrack. 

Team 1

Team 1

Next up was "Team 1" who had a taken "Jury Hang Hung" and made a life management game for a hapless individual that needed to be kept out of trouble. This game ran on Windows desktop, Phone and Raspberry Pi, a splendid technical achievement.

Team Don't Know

Team Don't Know

This is team "Don't Know", who took "Coil Loop Wire" and made a platformer where the aim is to protect the coil at all costs. 

Team GDB

Team GDB

Here we have the entry from Team GDB who took "Food Much Many" and built a multiplayer fighting game where the aim is to destroy the edible scenery and drop your opponent into a vat of deadly custard. 

Betajester and Squid Physics

Betajester and Squid Physics

This is a joint effort from Betajester and Squid Phyics, who took "Envy Cars Toys" and built a sandboxed car fighting game in the micro-machines mould. Aiming envious blows at better vehicles than the one you start with allows to to change places with the good cars and progress to bigger and bigger battles. 

"Blue Team of Death"

"Blue Team of Death"

BlueTeam of Death took the words "Eyed Wide View" and made a maze based first person shooter with a great eight bit ambience. Destroy the eyes and progress through the rooms to win. Too much damage causes your view of the playfield to widen and distort, making it harder to aim. 

The judges went away for deliberation and we passed the time exchanging Pirate jokes and discussing whether we should have a Three Thing Game trophy (general consensus - great idea). Then the judges came back and announced the winners. 

Third Place - Spooky Elephant

Third Place - Spooky Elephant

Team Spooky Elephant were commended for making a highly playable and amusing game, and got third place. 

Second Pace - GDB

Second Pace - GDB

Second place went to team GDB who's multiplayer action and adherence to the theme made for some great gameplay. 

First Place - Blue Team of Death

First Place - Blue Team of Death

You know the judges have done a great job when the announce the winner and the room cheers and applauds. "Blue Team of Death" really wowed the audience with a fantastic game which was built from scratch, assets and all and then coded up using Unity, a platform that neither of them had used much. Two strong messages from the judges: great game, and you should get this in the marketplace as soon as possible. 

Judge's special mention - Johnson sings the blues

Judge's special mention - Johnson sings the blues

Before the judges wrapped up, they wanted to mention the team "Johnson sings the blues" who made it into the top six, but were prevented from appearing in the final because they had not got around to making a video. Their game, based on "Rave Cant Rave" was a chunk of multi-player mayhem with a screen that seemed to use up all the colours there are. At once. The team got a special award and was sent away with the strong message "Next time, make a video". 

You can see the winning game video here. I'll put up links to the other entries as I get them. 

Thanks to Warren, Lee, Simon, Nick and Josh for judging. Thanks to Lee, Simon, Dean and Nick for coming along and helping make the event the massive success it was. 

Three Thing Game will be back in November. With a revised Thingomatic and a trophy. Oh yes. 

Full June Three Thing Game Details

People's Choice Survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GL7FBPB

Pizza Choice here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Y3KBHGY

The event will start at 10:00 in Lecture Theatre D on the Third Floor of the Robert Blackburn Building on the University of Hull campus. You can find directions and a map of the campus, here:


The Robert Blackburn Building is number 44 on the map, in square D2.

The development will take place in the Fenner Computer Suite on the ground floor of the Fenner building. We are having machines imaged with Windows 10 for you to use. If you want to bring your own devices that’s fine too.  If you've got any questions you can send them to questions@threethinggame.com

The agenda is as follows:

Thursday 11th June

10:00 AM Team logistics and arrivals
11:00 AM Welcome presentation Lee Stott Microsoft
12.00 noon Hackathon Start
12:00 noon Middleware Lab Sessions MonoGame (Optional) Dean Ellis MonoGame team
1:00 PM Middleware Lab Session Unity (Optional) Byron Atkinson Jones & Simon Jackson Indie Developers
2:00 PM Middleware Lab Session Marmalade (Optional) Nick Smith Marmalade
3:00 PM Open Coding Session Ask the Expert Support
8:00 PM Pizza and Pop
9.00PM – 9.00 AM Code through night

Friday 12th June

9:00 AM Welcome back
9:30 AM Open Coding Session Ask the Expert Support
2.00 PM Hackathon Close
3:30 PM Judging
4.00 PM Awards

Three Thing Game is a great place to find out about a new framework or toolchain. You can learn as you write a new game. And we have goodies too.

Windows 10 Three Thing Game in June

What better way to celebrate the end of the semester than a bit of game creation? Plus a chance to have a play with the latest operating system and development tools.

I'm very pleased to be able to announce a Three Thing Game that we are organising in conjunction with Microsoft. We'll have all kinds of interesting people coming along from Microsoft, local games companies and software houses.

The event is open to any developers who fancy coming along and having a go.

Folks from Hull University are of course welcome, but if you are in a company and want to get hands-on experience working with Windows 10, plus support from Microsoft expertise, then you should come along.

We are working on setting up a lab full of Windows 10 machines for you to work on, so all you have to bring along is yourself and a winning smile. Plus you get to join in our "Summer Bash", with lashing of pizza, video games and perhaps even a game of Werewolf.

It all happens over 11th-12th of June. We've got some presentations on Thursday morning, followed by an afternoon of coding, then the Summer Bash, some late night development and judging and presentations on Friday. With prizes.

If you've never done a game jam before, come along and find out what they are all about. If  you're a Three Thing Game veteran we'd love to see you back in Hull.

You can find out more here: https://www.gamejam10.com/?CR_CC=200617217 (but don't worry about bringing your own machine - we are sorting that out at the moment)

You can sign up here: https://yorkshire.gamejam10.com/register

Three Thing Game Final Presentations

Hardy survivors

Hardy survivors

We had our March 2015 Three Thing Game competition over this weekend.  Great fun was had. A team of stalwart judges, including developers from Smashed Crab Studios, went through the final 17 teams and found us 6 finalists. As is the way of the competition, we had each team present their game at the aptly named finalist presentations. And here they are in no particular order.

Team: "I hope my friends don't bail on me"

Team "I hope my Friends don't bail on me", AKA Jason Powney, showed off the mayhem he had created from "chainsaw", "penguin" and "water". "Penguin Chainsaw Massacre" had tons of bloodthirsty action, with underwater mine hazards and even a sunken wreck. A very polished production.

Team: //TODO

Team //TODO, aka Daniel Masterson, had started of with "ASCII art", "sanctuary" and "error" and built, to our amazement, a 3D rendered graphical game displayed in a console window using text graphics. Something of an awesome technical achievement we reckoned. And the game looked fun to play too.


Team "Another Bad Idea", aka Robert Chisholm and Adam Thornes had crafted a very neat top down fighting game from "Toilet Plunger", "Small Mammals" and, not surprisingly, "fighting". The game had frantic one on one action as the players acted out the eternal struggle between fox and rabbit using toilet plunger weapons.

Team: You Will Lose

Team "You will Lose", aka Joseph Edwards and Tomasz Kope,c had turned up the particle generators to the max and produced an atmospheric game based on "square", "random" and "shooter". Some nice coloured effects and randomly generated play areas made for good looking gameplay.

Team: One Musketeer

 Team "Four Musketeers" was down to one musketeer by Saturday lunchtime, but that didn't stop them producing a very neat four player shooter game from "Scrapper", "Wombat" and "Hull". The action was fast and smooth, with multiple weapons and you could even use the gun to jump. Can you spot how the thing "Hull" was used?

Team: Bad Computer Pun

Another technical tour-de-force from team "Bad Computer Pun, aka Nick Ross. We advise our students to use Three Thing Game as a place to test out hew game engines and Nick had certainly done that. Matlab is a serious mathematical package designed for serious mathematical stuff. Not for writing games. But the power of Three Thing Game compelled Nick to go against this and craft what is probably the first ever computer game written in Matlab. It is definitely the first ever Matlab game that involves "ostrich", "oasis" and "escape". And it looked pretty good too.

I didn't envy the judges their job as they went out to pick the winners. Thanks go to Warren Viant, Derek Wills, Lindsay West, Jon Purdy, David Parker and the Smashed Crab crew for giving up a Saturday afternoon to help out. Anyhoo, after much detailed discussion they come up with a first and second places, plus a technical achievement award.

First place went to "I hope my friends don't bail on me". The game was commended for the high quality of gameplay, completeness and the way it had stuck very well to the three things.

In second place we had"Another Bad Idea". Their game was singled out for the fun multi-player action and great looking graphics.

The award for Technical Achievement goes to //TODO. You just don't expect people to use shaders in ASCII art games. Awesome stuff.

Thanks to all the judges, to Lee Stott from Microsoft and Simon Jackson from MonoGame for dropping by and taking a look. And thanks to David Glover for making the Fenner Lab work so well and allowing us all in.

March Three Thing Game Auction Things

In case you were wondering what the things are for the auction on 9th March, here they are:

Chainsaws, Bottle, Kitchen, sphere, Leonard Nimoy, Hot dates, Bouncing, random, Crew, Chasing, Circuit Diagrams, Small Mammal, Turret, Friendly Fire, Hack, Zombie, Water, The End, Cornflower Blue, Road, Penguins, Dancing, custard, Rail Grinding, Shifty, A sweater that once had sleeves but now does not., Toilet Plunger, Sanctuary, Chess, Parody, Ferrero Rocher, Ninja, Soaring, Skeletor, Base, The King, Castle, Collision, Spooky Skeletons, BiPolarBear, Why-Wolves, Giant Spiders, Errors, Soldier, Chivas, Three Things, fighting, Yeast, Crippling debt, cloak, Rollercoaster, Captain, evolution, growing, Touch, Laser, Fruit, chicken, Something, Euphoria, Scout Salute, Penguin, Fire, Screenshake, , Cardgame, Railway, 2D, Doge, Oasis, Scratch, Badgers, Triangles, Tycoon, Communism, A man standing on a chair yelling wildly about marsupials., Joke, War, snakes, Beards, Platform, Disembodied Beards that Kill People, Alchemical Horrors and Fun, monkey, Bubble, Space, Sea, Baddie, Flying, The Fanta Gang, Colour, Pinball, Cat girls, A Bitcoin-Based Serial Killer, Queue, Spanking, The One Ring, ManBearPig, LegendFace, Uncommented Code, Balls, Ostrich, Beer, cooking, Escape, boomerang, Gore, Nerd, lasers n stuff, Mechanical Gears, shooter, 404 Error, dragon, Skeletons, spacehopper, Road, Solar Eclipse, Bandit, Obama, cactus, pixel, Fox, Shark, Cars, Ice, Arcade, Sword, Cool, N/A, Dragons, Horror, Jam, square, Grey, Wildcard, Burger King, Power-ups, 400 Tiny Bears, ASCII art graphics, Chairs, Fish, nothing, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Pirate, Robot, Cue, log stove, pies, Magic, Black hole, Defense, copious amounts of food, XNA, Death, Hull, Scrapper, Wombat, Bees, Badminton, Clouds

Three Thing Game March 2015 Registration

Three Thing Game will be running over the night of March 13th, starting at 5:00 pm on the Friday night and finishing on Saturday 14th March. Teams can register here.

The name of your team. Make it a good one.
Team Member 1 *
Team Member 1
Name of the first member of your team
Member 1 Staying Overnight *
Are you staying overnight?
Team Member 2
Team Member 2
Name of the second member of your team (blank if not present)
Member 2 Staying Overnight
Are you staying overnight?
Team Member 3
Team Member 3
Name of the third member of your team (blank if not present)
Member 3 Staying Overnight
Are you staying overnight?
Team Member 4
Team Member 4
Name of the fourth member of your team (blank if not present)
Member 4 Staying Overnight
Are you staying overnight?
Enter things you'd like to see in the auction.

Please fill in this form with your team details and submit it. You will then receive an email (to the team email address) when your registration pack is ready. Come along, pay your entry fee and get your pack. The entry fee (which goes towards pizza and whatnot) is two pounds for each team member. 

Three Thing Game will be running over the night of Friday 13th of March. 

The Thing Auction will take place at 2:15 pm on Monday 9th of March in Hardy Building Lecture Theatre 1. 

Three Thing Game November 2014

We had over 150 students involved with Three Thing Game this time. Lots of First Year students, who only arrived a few weeks ago, signed up, got their "things" and are now here to spend 24 hours writing games. 

We started the event with a fantastic presentation from Dean and Dominique about MonoGame. A few things of note from the session:

  • A really good way to make a name for yourself (and get jobs etc etc) is to get involved with the Open Source projects.
  • You should publish what you make. The first one probably won't be an overnight success. But the fifth one might be.
  • MonoGame is all grown up, with versions for pretty much every platform including the PS4 (and I reckon the Xbox One won't be far behind)
  • The new Content Management stuff is awesome

Of course we had pizza. Five hundred pounds worth of pizza.

Lee and Simon building a "pizza fort". 

I think we managed to feed everyone OK. The lass on the phone at Domino's listened with increasing incredulity as the order built up, and they had to send out two pizza packed cars to deliver it.   Thanks so much to Lee from Microsoft for sponsoring all the cheesy goodness.

The finals will place on Saturday 1st of November. 

XNA 4.0 Demo Program And Prizes And Pizza

If you've been having problems getting the CrackerChase demo working under MonoGame I've made an XNA 4.0 version here.  Just download it, unzip the archive and open it with Visual Studio.

Oh, and if you are a Three Thing Gamer you can get your mitts on a free Lumia 630 (very nice phone) just by answering a few questions and entering the draw here.  (thanks Lee) We'll do the draw during the Finalist Presentations and we will only give it to a survivor. In other words, if you aren't there to get the prize, you don't get the prize. 

Oh, and finally, the Pizzas will be here at 8:30. It seems that cooking 58 pizzas takes an hour or so....

Three Thing Game Event Details

Three Thing Game Game Development

October/November 2014
Competitor Briefing

Event Locations

The event starts with a grand lecture at 5:15 pm on Friday 31st October in Lecture Theatre A in the Robert Blackburn Building. Then we will transfer to the Fenner Computer Suite on the ground floor of the Fenner Building.

We will transfer back to Lecture Theatre A for the final presentations.

The Fenner Computer Suite in the Fenner Building. There will be a brief introduction and then you can head for your work areas and get on with the game development. The competition ends at 6:30 pm on Saturday 1st of November

Entering and Leaving

If you want to leave the department for whatever reason, and return later, that is perfectly OK. Your swipe card should give you access to the labs. The doors of the building will be locked during the night. If you need to gain entrance call one of your friends inside the building let you get back in. Do not leave any of the building doors unlocked or wedged open.

Your Stuff 

Please don't leave your stuff unattended. The university has security staff on campus who will have been informed of the event, but we can't guarantee the security of stuff I'm afraid. Ask a friend to keep an eye on your things if you have to nip out.

Food and Drink

We will be providing snacks during the event. We will be getting Pizza (lots of it) sent in on Friday night at 7:30 pm and putting out some snacks and nibbles during the event.

If you want to get items to eat and drink in the labs then this is OK provided you tidy up afterwards. There will be bin bags in the lab, please use them. If we leave the rooms in a mess we will not be allowed to hold this event again.

The Pizza Choice Survey is here.

Tweeting and Social Networking

If you want to provide a video feed from your lab then that would be great. If you let me know the URL I’ll put it on the threethinggame.com web site for people to find. If you want to tweet the event use the hashtag #threethinggame.

I will be taking some pictures during the event and adding them to Flickr. I will also be keeping the ThreeThingGame web site up to date. If you take any pictures you can tag them threethinggame.

Getting Help

We will be wandering around the various labs giving what help we can. We might even create some game objects for you if you ask nicely.


If you are using a university workstation you may need extra software loaded onto the system. We will be around on Friday evening to help get all the software installed and working. If you have brought your systems we can give help installing them and getting them connected.

It is important that all the hardware is removed in a tidy fashion before the we go to the final presentation. The lab will be required for use on Monday morning and it is important that we leave it how we found it.

Judging and Demonstrations

Starting at 3:00 pm Saturday afternoon we will make a pass through the teams and view a three minute presentation from each team to show the gameplay that they have developed. There will be three judging teams that will judge the entries. Each team will choose their top three teams to select the 9 finalists for the final judging session.

The judges will be looking for three things (of course J)

  1. Adherence to the Three Things that you have.
  2. How Well the Game works (how good the game looks and how complete it is)
  3. Fun Factor (how much fun the game is to play)

Each finalist team will present their games in the judging session in Lecture Theatre A in the Wilberforce Building starting at 5:00 pm on Saturday evening. We will then award the prizes and the judging should be completed by 6:30 pm when the competition ends.

It is important that your demonstrations run to time. The judges are instructed to stop any presentation at the three minute point, even if you are in the middle of speaking. We need to run to time, and it is important that you learn how to present your game in a short time.

People’s Choice Award

We will be looking for a team to get the “People’s Choice” award. This is scored by all the competitors. While the judges are meeting up with the teams we also invite teams to go round and have a look at the other competition entries and judge the People’s Prize.

Mark each category out of 10 and then work out the total. Use the form at the end of this document to fill in your scores and then enter the totals into our score survey:

The People's Choice Survey is here

There should be one entry per team. Please don’t vote for your own team.

Halloween Three Thing Game Auction List

These are the things for sale on Monday at 2:15 in Lecture Theatre 1 in the Hardy Building, in the order they are going to be sold:

Tower, Beaver, Brain, Seagull, plane, Polo, Wombat, Harmonica, Pastie, Spam Fritter, Waifu, Shop, Pasta, Apocalypse, Pirate, Haunted, Really large gun, Struggle, Tentacles, Elephant, MLG, Skeleton, Parrot, Mayhem, Heist, Mountain Dew, Rhythm, Wristwatch, Rubber, Cauldron, Jacket, Doritos, Puzzler, stealth, Cat, Kit-Kat, Crimping, Undersea, Grunting, Zeus, Flesh Eating, Spell, Cool Spot, Potato, Clock, Boiler Suit, Pineapple, Space, Ocean Liner, Robot, Boots, Alien, Rainbow, Frantic, Drainpipe, Pig, Puzzle, Mushroom, Dressing Up, Hand grenade, Gong, Ninja, Steroids, Potion, Dilemma, Zombie, Bones, Graveyard, planets, Cube, Wand, Electric, Warlock, Jellyfish , Vampire, German, Paint, Nerds, Circles, Bus, Tunnel, Cupcakes, System, Broomstick, Party, Lazer, Sci-Fi, Panic, Skull, Ethical, Voxel, Plot, Locked, Robotic, Pixies, Unity, Spacecraft, Inventor, kettle, Balloon, Topdown, Ghost, Satan, Nuke, Nose, University , Banjo, Fingers, petril, Panini, Green, Flying Fish, Banana, Gems, Anti-aircraft gun, Android, Falling, Snakes, Combat, Goat, instakill, Chickens, Communism, Tribal, of Doom, Downstairs, Wolf, Umbrella, Maggot, Ship, Time, Weapon, Football, wizard, Cheesebot, Hunting, Grave, Slippery, Endoscope, Meme, Cheese, Yeti, Bat, Beard, Trousers, Attack, Witch, Assassin, Pension, Pea, Web, Triangles, Spider

Many thanks to "Mo and the two Caitlins" (sounds like a band that..) who will be helping me auction all these things in 50 minutes. It's going to be frantic. 

Three Thing Game for Session 2014-2015

In a fit of planning we've set the dates for the Three Thing Game contests for this Session.

Halloween Three Thing Game 31st October to 1st November

We will be writing games into the witching hour. With Microsoft and MonoGame coming along to take part you can expect all kinds of spooky fun, including special presentation by MonoGame of the latest changes to their wonderful portable implementation of XNA. The itinerary for the event is as follows:

  • Thing Auction on Monday 27th of October at 2:15 pm in Hardy Lecture Theatre 1
  • Rather Useful Seminar to introduce the template XNA game on Wednesday 29th October at 1:15 pm in Robert Blackburn Building Lecture Theatre A
  • MonoGame Team Unveil latest developments in the platform (extra prizes for using them in your games) on Friday 31st November at 5:15 pm in Robert Blackburn Building Lecture Theatre A
  • Game Hackathon stage gets under way in the Fenner Labs on Friday 31st October at 6:15 pm 
  • Pizza arrives on Friday 31st October at 7:30 pm 
  • Judges make first pass of the teams starting at 3:00 pm on Saturday 1st November in Fenner Lab
  • Finalist Presentations and awards at 5:00 pm on Saturday 1st November

A template game will be available for those who haven't written a lot of code just yet. This will be designed to make it really easy to publish whatever wonderfulness that you manage to come up with during the competition. We'll be doing a session on how to use the template in the Rather Useful Seminar on 29th of October.

Three Thing Game Old Timers

Anyone who is no longer at Hull (sad face) but who wants to take part in the event is welcome to come back for the event (happy face). If you want to come along and build a game, or just help with the mentoring, it would be great to see you back here. We'll even come up with a "Not Particularly Impressive Prize" just for the "Old Timer Teams" that want to come along. If you fancy doing this, get in touch with Rob Miles directly.


Registration for the Halloween Three Thing Game will open on 13th of November. Teams of up to 4 can take part. We charge 2 pounds per team member to take part. You'll be able to download and print registration forms from this site.

Summer Three Thing Game 11th -12th June 2015

Summer fun in the very last week of the semester. For die hard game writers that don't want to go home until the last possible minute. Schedule and organisation to be sorted out closer to the date...