Discount Kinect Start Here! with Moo Cards


It’s the other side of the card with the discount code which is the interesting bit….

I’ve always liked Moo cards. In fact I like them so much that ages ago I wrote a “Moo Card Splitter” program that takes images and makes them into a Moo Card jigsaw on Flickr. I’m not sure if it still works. Maybe I’ll make a Metro version that uses the Windows 8 Metro interface that looks like Metro nothing like anything else that doesn’t resemble a rather cool, Metro-esque interface using the Segoe font.

Anyhoo, Microsoft Press like Moo Cards too. Today I was sent a little box full of Moo cards about my new book. (I never get tired of saying “My new book”..). On the back of each card is a discount code that will get you 40% of the paper version of the book and 50% of the ebook. Now, of course, I’d prefer you to pay full price. The book is certainly worth it. But if you want a low cost way of getting hold of “the premier C# Kinect interfacing book written by a tall bloke with a name that rhymes with “Mob Riles” then I can recommend it. I’m carrying a few of the cards in my wallet, so feel free to ask me for your own personal card if you bump into me. Actually, I’d prefer it if you didn’t bump into me, just ask for the card.

Alternatively, email me with the title “I’ve just bumped into you” and I’ll send you a “Virtual Card” with the discount code on the back.