Day 6: What a difference a day makes

Lake Panorama

They were right about the view over the valley. It is amazing on the right day. As if to make amends for yesterday, today dawned bright and clear and we headed straight back up the railway to the top, caught the bus and then off again to the Faro lighthouse to see it properly. This is another monument to Volta. And you can climb it. I went all the way to the top and took the photograph above. It is a slightly stitched panorama which I’m rather pleased with.

Faro Lighthouse

This is the lighthouse, it looks much nicer when you can see it. We had another coffee in celebration, this time we sat outside and looked across the valley rather than cowering inside. Then we went back down and found ourselves a boat.

Como Boat

For around six euros you can get a “round trip” ticket which takes you to some of the nearer locations. The nice thing about this is that you can hop on and off the boat wherever you fancy. So off we went.


This is Torno, a village around half an hour on the boat from Como. I really envy the people who live here. We had a great lunch and then headed back. And we got to sit at the sharp end of the boat.


I’ve noticed that in Italy cameras are definitely used as fashion accessories. This year the trend is definitely for “big and black”. Anyone who was anyone had an enormous Canon or Nikon SLR round their neck or, more fashionably, grasped in one hand with the strap tied around their wrist.  I only had a small, shiny camera. Perhaps these will be fashion next year.