The Wrestling with Python course was delivered in autumn 2013 and spring 2014. Each session was 2 hours and was delivered as a slide presentation and a set of practical exercises. 

Feel free to use or adapt them for your teaching. 

Spring/Summer 2015 Sessions

Tuesday 24th February

Tuesday 3rd March

Tuesday 17th March

Tuesday 24th March

Autumn/Winter 2014 Sessions

Tuesday 2nd December

Tuesday 25th November

Tuesday 18th November

Tuesday 11th November

Tuesday 4th November

Tuesday 28th October

Spring 2014 Introduction to Python

Go through the slides before having a go at the practical session. Each session builds on the next one, so make sure that you have a good understanding before moving onto the next one.

Session 1: Getting Started

Practical notes here. Slides here

Session 2: Making Decisions

Practical notes here. Slides here.

Session 3: Repeating with Loops

Practical notes here. Slides here.

Session 4: Lists

Practical notes here. Slides here.

Session 5: Data Processing

Practical notes here. Slides here.

Session 6: Methods

Practical notes here. Slides here.

Review Session 

This is a combined session that brings together the previous six sessions to provide a larger block of content that you can do all at once, or use as a revision exercise.

Practical notes pages here. Slides here. Small slides with space for notes here.

Further Python

These sessions build in the previous 6 to provide an introduction to more advanced features of the Python language. They also cover the basics of programming using objects.

Session 1: Cricket Exercise

Practical notes here.

Worked example for the cricket scores exercise here.

Homework, Python and Potatoes, here

Session 2: Working with Methods

Slides here.  Lab notes here.

Session 3: Using Lists

Slides here. Lab notes here.

Session 4: Using Classes

Slides here. Lab notes here.

Session 5: Advanced Classes

Slides here. Lab notes here

Session 6: File Handling and Debugging

Slides here. Lab notes here. Programs to debug here.

An Introduction to Pygame

These sessions describe simple game development using the Pygame framework. Each session is presented as a slide deck and a set of exercises which are to be performed during the presentation. 

The later sessions describe a game template which can be used as the basis of sprite based Python games. 

Session 1: Getting Started with Pygame

Practical notes here. Slides here.

You can find some cheese here

Session 2: Making a Game

Practical notes here. Slides here.

Session 3 : Games and Classes

Practical notes here. Slides here.

You can find a cracker here. You can find the CrackerChase Player class (for the labs) here. You can find a complete set of the labs for the session here.

Fully working CrackerChase game here. You will need to unzip this into a folder to play it.

Session 4 : Creating Games

Practical notes here. Framework here. Fully working Chased by Crackers here.

Session 5 : Game Structure

Practical notes here. Practical starter program here. Completed practical here (no peeking). Slides here.

Python Maze code here.